Pyramid of Shadows
Alright you hosers. Here’s brief synopsis of what’s happened up to now. We did a bunch of stuff and somehow ended up in a magical pyramid with a talking head. Eventually we found the head its body and destroyed the pyramid – hooray!

King of the Trollhaunt Warrens
We were called to the town of Moonstair to defend it from an impending invasion force of trolls.
  • Along the way we found a group of trolls that had attacked a dispatch rider attempting to get help from a nearby elven kingdom. He never made it, obviously, so we continued on to the town. The mayor, a female Eladrin named Kalana Dhorham, asked us to venture into the great warren to see if we could thwart the impending Troll attack on Moonstair.
  • At the warren gate we talked to the guards and convinced them to fetch their master, King Skulmad. Meanwhile Chara attempted to sneak into the fortress via the river. In a display of unstealth rivaling that of his real-world namesake, he was discovered. The remaining party stormed the gates and the guards were quickly subdued. The party ambushed King Skulmad and his retinue (yeah, I said it) when they appeared at the gate and a long battle ensued. Eventually all of the Trolls were killed, but as King Skulmad fell he said that we were too late and the invasion force was already on its way to Moonstair. At this point his larger, evil eye flashed and he disappeared.
  • The party rushed back to defend the town, fighting off a group of Trolls at a farmstead along the way. Another battle was fought on the docks with an incredibly annoying tentacle monster, koatoa, and chuuls. Another battle was fought (as part of the land, sea, air defense) against Wyverns and the Manticore-riding Troglodyte. A few more battles ensued, but we skipped those.
  • With the attack successfully fended off, the mayor rewarded us with +3 Darkleaf Armor (sexy) and we were prepping to head back to the warrens to finish off King Skulmad.

Jay's Happy Fun Time DnD Campaign

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