Jay's Happy Fun Time DnD Campaign

Story Update - King of the Trollhaunt Warrants

I got warrants!

We picked up the story with the party approaching the same entrance to the Warrens we used previously. Thanks to a lucky 69 on a percentile-roll, the gate was still all busted up from our previous break-in. We worked our way into the Warrens in a more-or-less random fashion all the while searching for King Skulmad.
Encounter 1 found us in a congested hallway with a bunch of rooms leading off of it and an escarpment overlooking it. We killed a bunch of troglodytes and moved on.
Encounter 2 found us in a large cavern with a log spanning a small river. We killed a bunch more troglodytes here.
Encounter 3 was in a large cavern dominated by a mound of skulls. There were some annoying flying, flaming skulls, a Troll, and a ‘Dire Bear’ that turned out to be, in fact, a Dire Bear. No problems here due in part to me straight up murdering a bitch.
Encounter 4 was in a small lake against a dragon who kept dropping globes of darkness.



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