Jay's Happy Fun Time DnD Campaign

King of the Trollhaunt Warrens Story Update

We picked up the story still in the Warrens looking for Skulmad.
Encounter 1 had a hag tending her mushroom garden who we indiscriminately decided to kill. At this point the troll skeletons in the go-go cages hanging from the ceiling reanimated and we had to kill those too. I think a second hag also showed up at some point.
Encounter 2 we finally found Skulmad in his throneroom where he was attended by a few troll guards and some Drow as well. When the battle started going badly for the enemies, the Drow turned invisible and used the throne to teleport away. When Skulmad fell his eye disappeared in a flash. After the battle we found a human scribe who had been kept prisoner. He told us the throne can be used as a gateway into the Feywild. We figured out that Vard, the original owner of the Eye was attempting to come back from the dead to wreak havoc on the world of the living or some such nonsense and it was up to us to stop him. Skulmad had been sent to find the Eye and return it to Vard, but decided to keep it for himself instead.
Skill Challenge we figured out how to use the throne to teleport us into the Feywild.
Encounters there were a few more encounters I don’t recall in any great detail including a HUGE Fomorian who was guarding the entrance to something. We then fought some ghost trolls and a displacer beast (while Nick spend most of the encounter falling into and climbing out holes in the ground).
Stone Cauldron eventually we found the Cauldron Chamber where Vard was waiting for us. Ghost trolls kept coming out of the Cauldron, but we concentrated on and eventually killed Vard. After he fell, Vard returned the next round out of the Cauldron, but without his Eye. I was able to find the eye in another part of the chamber and throw it in the Cauldon, thus killing Vard and destroying Moran’s Eye for good (I think). We found a shit-ton of loot & swag including Sunwrath, heirloom sword of Therund which we returned to Baron Perenon.
Next up we will be running P2: Demon Queen’s Enclave



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