Jay's Happy Fun Time DnD Campaign

Demon Queen's Enclave

At the urging of the Mayor of Moonstair or Baron Paranon or whoever we last talked to we decided to investigate the increased Drow activity in the area. You may also recall that 2 or 3 Drow fled during out final encounter with Skulmad. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like letting things get away without killing them. So we headed to the Underdark to investigate this.
Encounter 1
Traveling through the tunnels we stumbled into the middle of a battle between a small party of undead and a small party of Drow led by a Drider. We indiscriminately killed all of them.
Encounter 2
We came to a bridge leading to the Drow city of Phaervorul (I had to look that up). The city looked to be under attack. Large portions of it were on fire and we could hear the sounds of fighting. Standing guard on the bridge was a rather large spider, who was immediately thrown into the chasm by Mark. Steve then got dragged to the underside of the bridge by one of the smaller spidery-looking things that popped out. Gus, Jake and I dangled from a rope and threw shit at the spidery-thing while Nick and Mark held the rope from the top of the bridge. While this was going on the big spider came back, but we eventually killed everything and noone fell into the chasm.
Encounter 3
The first place we stopped in the city was the slave quarters. There were a few large slaves in a large, open room and goblin snipers in the battlements above. Gus picked off most of the snipers with magic missiles while the rest of us charged into the building. I think I straight up murdered one of the slaves and we made fairly quick work of the rest. The remaining goblins jumped from the battlements or ran away or something.
Skill Challenge
I think this is where we took an extended rest. In a dream we are met by Zirithian, a Vampire Orcus-worshipping Drow noble. We regaled him with some exaggerated tales of our adventures and some cheap parlor tricks (I think Gus pulled a coin out of his ear). Impressed, he asked for our help in defeating the Drow. It appears he is responsible for the attack on the city and the presence of the undead.
Encounter 4
Refreshed, we continued on into the city. Next we came to the home or workshop of a powerful wizard. There were some dead bodies in jars of fluid and a statue. To put it metaphorically, we ‘sneaked in his window’ and ‘snatched up his people’. In other words we gang-raped that bitch and killed him before he got a chance to do anything cool. There were a couple of large monsters who showed up, but we killed them too.
Encounter 5
I don’t remember too many details about the last encounter. Something charged us and blocked the doorway, I murdered something, and someone got eaten by a Hook Horror. Needless to say we killed everything and called it a night.



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